Saturday, January 29, 2011

JPM Ep.3 - Donnie and the 12 Monkeys' Excellent Adventure

Hello true believers, it is I, Stan Lee, presenting to you the third episode of Jumper Penguin Moviecast...not really, I'm just Tony...rhymes with bologna...bolony. Anyways,you can download this episode on the link provided below. (By the way, if anybody knows how to put a podcast on iTunes, your help would be greatly appreciated)


This week's theme was time travel, I was selected to review Donnie Darko.

If there was ever a greater embodiment of RAEP FACE...

The review for Donnie Darko starts at 10:35

After my review, we move over to Nik who was chosen to review 12 Monkeys.

The answer to your question is: "Yes, I have acquired the ultimate eye."

Nik's review of 12 Monkeys starts at 30:10

After Nik's review, we get into listener suggestions. Thank you guys for your picks. If you want to send us your picks, email us at jumperpenguin@gmail.com

Next week, in honor of George A. Romero's birthday Feb. 4, 1940, 71 years old and still kickin' ass, our theme will be zombies.

Who tha fuck just said running zombies are better?

Send us your favorite zombie movie picks, and we'll announce them on the show. Until next time, shub-uh-lub-uh-ding-dong...or bye.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

JPM Ep. 2 - Leprechaun Explorers In Space

Woo hoo! Second episode of Jumper Penguin Moviecast! We made it this far, lets see how much further we can go. You can download this episode at the link provided below.


For this episode, the theme was "Deep Space Movies" in honor of Dead Space 2 coming out (get this game if you don't have it). The film I selected for Nik to watch was none other than the dreaded Leprechaun 4: In Space.

Yes Leprechauns have the force, didn't you ever wonder what the hell Yoda was?

Nik's Review starts at 3:25

After Nik's Review, I get into my review on the Explorers.

Every child remembers the first time they saw Swap.avi.

My review starts at 36:10

After my review, Nik and I get into Listener Suggestions. Thank you for all of your suggestions, even if you did go against the rules of not being allowed to pick Star Wars *ahem*Lewis*ahem*

Listener Suggestions start at 51:00

And so concludes another episode, next week, in honor of the Back to the Future video game coming out (I swear, our themes aren't all going to revolve around video games) the theme will be "Time Travel".

I can't believe you uploaded those pictures on your facebook! Great Scott, I'm fucked, I AM SO FUCKED!!!

 So write in with your favorite time traveling movie at jumperpenguin@gmail.com

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jumper Penguin Moviecast Ep. 1 "Departing to Metropolis

Hello, this is the first episode of our podcast. To download this episode, follow the link given below if you don't want to sit here and stare at our page all day.

For this episode, I (Anthony Cortez) will be reviewing the 1927, Science Fiction masterpiece, Metropolis.

Whaddaya mean he's not the father?!

The review for this starts at 6:18

This film was selected for me to review by my co-host (Nikolas Brasselero). After my review is over, Nik reviews the film I selected for him, the 2006 crime thriller that won 4 academy awards, The Departed.

That's right, I used to be in New Kids on the Block....you got a problem with that?

The review for this film starts at 23:16

After Nik finishes his review, we get into Viewer Suggestions. We would like to thank all of our friends (and yes, family) who suggested these great films. These start at 43:43

This concludes our first episode. Next week, in honor of Dead Space 2 coming out (sequel to the most kick ass space, survival horror game of all time) our theme will be "Deep Space".

Growing up can be hard when Jehuty is your mommy and Grey Fox is your dada.

So guys write in with your favorite films that take place in space. Its easy to go with Aliens or Star Wars, so try to think of some films that don't get enough attention. You can email us your suggestions at:


Here, you can also write in any questions or feedback you have for us. Thanks guys, until next week..."See You Space Cowboy...or girl...Cowgirl..."

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The start of something GRREEEEEAATTT!

Hey there, person who is reading this post. I'm glad you found this page because me and my long time friend, Nikolas Brasselero, are ready to do something that others have tried, but failed at so far: create the greatest podcast this world has ever seen. Thats right, we're here to inform you of the finest creations that cinema, comics/manga, and anime has to offer. We are of the opinion that movie going, comic/manga reading, and anime viewing are great hobbies, but they should be more than just that. We want you to look past these hobbies as just ways of killing time and view them more as works that should be heavily appreaciated and supported. Our podcasts will hopefully broaden your horizons past what the mainstream sets in front of you.

 Be warned, not everything we will talk about will be fantastic. In fact, some of the things we review will be comparable to colassal piles of HORSE SHIT! Thats right, sometimes we'll have to review things that will make us want to tear our eyeballs out and pierce our eardrums with metal cacti. We do it because we care about you and don't want you to ever waste your time with a horrible movie, a boring comic/manga, or an anime series that, after having seen it, makes you feel as though you were raped worse than that chick from "Irreversible". Yes, we are here for you. We are a weekly podcast that will do everything in its power to make you a knowledgeable human being who appreciates the finer things in life.

Sincerely, Your Host:
Anthony Cortez