Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JPM Ep. 6 Two Smoking Dogs In Heat

This week, we have quite possibly the greatest show ever. Not only do you get Nik and I for this episode, but we have a friend of ours, John Doege, as a special guest this week. "Who the hell is John Doege?", you ask yourself. Well I can assure you, he's a pretty cool guy. This episode's theme was "Heist Movies", so we were each selected to review a film that had to due with a high profile robbery of some sort .

The link for the episode is provided below.


Before we get into reviews, each of us go  into our "Obsession of the Week".

At 3:38, John gets into his obsession, his shiny new 3DS!

"The 3D...was....worth it..."
At 8:32, Nik gets into his obsession, which is an anime by the name of "Welcome to the N.H.K."

Its like the Japanese version of "Pee Wee's Playhouse".
And finally, at 14:27, I get into my obessions, which have basically been my new DS lite and Steam account.

Now we get into reviews. At 18:52, Nik starts his review for "Heat".

McCauly: You talkin to me?
Dude on Phone: Who the fuck else am I talkin to asshole?!
At 41:29, John reviews "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels".

Bacon: Shut up, you did not?!
Tom: No really, I just phoned him and called him asshole.
Group: WAH HAH HAH!!!
And for our final review, at 57:10, I get into "Dog Day Afternoon".

Man on Phone: *sniff* I try and I try, but no matter what, everyone is so mean to me!
Sonny: Dude, its alright, I'm sure they didn't mean to call you an asshole.
And that caps it off for our reviews. Next time, our theme is Father's Day films! Hilarious how late we are to get to things. Stay after the ending theme and you can hear my brother Mikey and I go through the things that have come out since last we recorded. You can contact us at jumperpenguin@gmail.com where you can send us your feedback, movie suggestions, or even tell us how you are doing. Until next time, see ya space cowboy...