Saturday, February 5, 2011

JPM Ep. 4 - My Pet Zombie

Forth episode, awesome. Yes, this is the zombie episode. You can download this episode at the link provided below...

We dedicate this episode to Mr. George A. Romero who has turned 71. So in honor of his greatness and all he has done for the Zombie genre we did a zombie themed episode, but *GASP* we didn't choose any of his movies to review! What a shocker, am I right?

NO! Not that kind!

We have a new segment at the beginning of this episode called "Obsession of the Week", in which Nik and I get into what ever has been grabbing our attention throughout the week. Nik's obsession is Pomplamoose, an Indie music duo on Youtube and so much more. A link to their Youtube page is provided below...


My obsession is my new VCR...nuff said.

For this episode, Nik was selected to review Fido...

Our characters watch in horror as a non-white family moves in down the street.
Even the fuckin zombie is appalled!

Nik's review for Fido starts at 14:48

After Nik's review, I get into the movie that was selected for me; Pet Cemetery...

 I said I wanted FANCY FEAST! Not this MEOW MIX SHIT!!!

The review for Pet Cemetery starts at 46:08

After my review, we get into this week's Listener Suggestions.

Listener Suggestions start at 1:04:53

Thank you guys for your suggestions, they were all great. The next episode's theme is Romance movies because we recorded the episode in the week of Valentine's Day (Also we are secretly saps for womance!).

Oh Valentine's Day, the time when poor saps like this guy in middle spend all their allowance money on their one true love.

If you want to contact us, you can email us at jumperpenguin@gmail.com or you can look for us on Facebook. Just type in Anthony Cortez or Nikolas Brasselero (Maybe Nik would be easier to find, because his name is more unique and he has more friends...sad day for me...) Anyways, until next time, DON'T BE SILLY, WRAP YO WILLY!!!