Sunday, June 12, 2011

JPM Ep. 5- Lolita and Humbert need a WEDDING SINGER!!!

This week, Nik and I both reviewed a romance movie in honor of Valentine's Day. Aww, can't you still feel the warmth of high priced chocolates and consumerism in the air *ape taps my shoulder* Huh? Whaddaya mean Valentines Day was 5 months ago? WHAT?! And now you're tellin me that Apes have enslaved the human race since then?!

Damn you Tim Burton! Damn you and your lackluster remake to hell!

Yes that's right unless you are extremely bad with dates you may have noticed that this episode is late. Although we did record it a few days after Valentine's Day, we actually didn't upload it until now. Why you ask did it take us so long? Well college sucks and let's leave it at that. But now that summer is here we will be picking the podcast back up, and we will try not be late with any more posts.

At 3:10, I go into my Obsession of the week which is my trusty ol' Playstation 1. Hey when Playstation Network is down, a guy's gotta have something to play. Amiright?

At 8:12, Nik talks about Blockhead, the band that he's been obsessed with for the week. Below is a link to "The Music Scene", a music video of theirs that must be seen by all.

As for getting to the point of the podcast existing, at 16:35, I review Lolita
Enough said.

At 34:17 Nik reviews The Wedding Singer.

Remember kids, a clenched fist is a symbol of both "REBELLION" and "LOVE-MAKING".
And to finish off this horribly delayed episode, at 58:21 we read off our Listener Suggestions.

Next time the theme is Heist Movies in honor of an actual $92.5 million dollar heist that took place in Britain on February 22 2006. Nik will be reviewing Heat, I will be reviewing Dog Day Afternoon, and a special guest, Jon Doege, reviewing Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Until then, see you next time...
"The female you are acquainted with posseses a posterior
 of higher than average quality that surpasses what one would percieve to be as normal."